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24th November 2022

Hillside Massage introducing The Gift – and going Sonic

It has been a good 2 years – and we all remember them well – that I have had the courage to write down some of these many thoughts that are with me since even before this special time we are in the midst of.

Because, as Charles Eisenstein in his timely essay “The Coronation” (4/2020) pointed out, nothing essentially new has come up with the pandemic, or rather our reactions to it. What is has brought about is a dramatic intensification and revelation of underlying conditions that most of us have been and are experiencing as ill health both physical and mental, diminishing quality of life, the loss of loved ones, friendships, work and communities, not to mention the dramatic degradation of the biosphere.

Without wanting to go too far into the many rabbit holes here I think it is safe to say that the past two years have taught many, as myself, that our existing institutions, medical, academic, political and financial, seem to be ill equipped with the tools needed for the pressing challenges.

But just as much as there is despair, a lot of hope is emerging in this Unveiling. New concepts of understanding, healing and interdependent communities are being developed and are growing everywhere.

My intention has always been to work in the field of natural healing with a gentle, personal and non-invasive approach to not just symptoms but the underlying issues causing them. As a manual therapist I include energy work (Reiki) in my work and life. I am convinced that by limiting our understanding of life to the physical and chemical realms we not only miss most of what life really is made of but we are even doing harm to ourselves and the living world in the process.

I became interested in particularly two of these emerging new and ancient fields, which I am now integrating into my work.
One is a technological aid that I have begun to use, a sonic or vibrational healing devise that addressed, amongst many other areas, even muscular/skelletual issues.
The other is an economical concept that intends to open my clinic to those of us that, even though needed, could not bear the financial burden of private care. As ancient as vibrational healing, the Gift is the way life collaborates and thrives, we have just temporarily forgotten about it in our predominant civilisation.
Eckhard Tolle, one of our best known contemporary sages, called this dissolving and collapsing time “the time of the ego”, the illusion of separation that has brought so much suffering and destruction over this planet and humanity.

When we open our minds, when we listen to the whisper in the breeze of the wind, we can see the dawn of “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible” emerging.


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