Newsletter April 2020

26 April 2020

Prepare to be forever changed

Nowhere to go, nothing to attain, no one to be.

What sounds like a quote from Buddha or Christ himself has become the 3-dimensional reality for many of us just a few weeks ago. “The Great Pause”, lockdown or social distancing here in Britain and in the rest of the world.


Many of us are struggling with uncertain work situations and we find ourselves being confronted with either physical solitude or crammed into a confined space with relations that more often than not had been avoided by distractions of all sorts, be it the pub, the gym or work.

Meantime nature awakens and the whole planet opens up to higher vibrations, clearer skies and long forgotten sounds.


This is not happening to us, its happening for us.

Behind the veil, more and more visible as time passes, this unprecedented situation has the potential of being a blessing for mother earth and, inevitably, humanity with it.


When we come to the point that we learn to embrace the unknown, surrender to it, only then can we transform our struggles into new expanded perspectives.
Once in motion, everything gathers speed.


The global dimension of this crisis is what makes this a unique challenge and chance. Most of us have lived through critical changes in our personal lives, many have seen or experienced national or international disasters like war, famine or displacement, and have witnessed the profound changes that pain has the potential to induce in us. For the worse but more often for the better. Now, for the first time in history, the whole of humanity is experiencing what potentially is a collective turning point, not just intellectually but emotionally, felt as reality beyond words and thinking.

If I don’t have the answer I have to move into the unknown, into my potential, leaving behind old limitations, learned behaviours and perceptions.

The future is always unknown, not just since Covid-19.


This virus hasn’t created any aspect of the current crisis but it makes it impossible to not see what had been there all along. It puts unmistakably in front of our eyes a dysfunctional health system, the vulnerability of our globalised food supplies, a political system and a leadership that is detached from most individuals in our societies and a financial system that is based on beliefs that no longer work for most of us.


We are taught to be told everything. We depend on a medical system that is predominantly based on patented petrochemical drug prescriptions and this virus too endorses more than just a sneaking suspicion that our modern health care system has little to do with health and much more with maximising revenues for doctors, hospitals and behind it all pharmaceutical industries.

One of the weaknesses of the western medical approach is that we have made the physician, the specialist, the expert the only authority with the patient too often a mere recipient of the treatment. People are deprived of the opportunity to become truly responsible for themselves. But the more we learn about ourselves, our own bodies, the less prone we are to become passive victims.

The same applies in varying degrees to all aspects of our industrialised societies.

Safety is not the lack of a threat. True health is not the absence of illness. Both comes only through connection, community and purpose – not from a gun, a syringe or a pill.


Enhanced by this increasing awareness of being ultimately connected to each other and everything else on this planet we are on a search for more information how to empower ourselves. The need and urge to be able to better take care of us and our families is exploding even though it still is not passed down by the traditional channels or health professionals. This information, these often ancient wisdoms, should dominate our discourse, not the next drug or newest procedure. True messages of health can prevent the need for high tech fixes and in times like this they may be our best chance of not only getting through this pandemic, but coming out stronger, and changed, on the other side.


Separated as we might seem in a 3-dimensional reality, we are all together in this.

You are not alone!

Prepare to be forever changed.

Cut out the noise. Now is the time to be conscious of what you put into your body and mind, the food you eat and the channels you watch.

Be slow. Allow yourself to be distracted, not by shutting down but by opening up.

Listen. Listen to your feelings, to your fellow woman, to the sounds of the earth and the stars. They are your best guides.

Have faith in the process. No matter what happens next, you will be ready to serve what is calling you.

Play. Sing. Dance.



I was about to finish with: Be safe.

But I rather say: Be adventurous, open to the unexpected, curious about yourself and kind from your heart!


Much love and gratitude

Jan Erik

P.S. I attach a couple of links that inspired me:
– Charles Eisenstein’s long and inspiring piece “The Coronation” (also as audio)
– The celtic tale Finnegas
– a just as poetic as political 12-year-old Swiss movie on Universal Basis Income (Grundeinkommen)in my opinion an obvious solution to the current economic situation, and the way Spain as a first European country has decided to embark on.


Please follow your national and local guidelines in how to reduce your own risk of infection as well as the risk of infecting others. All advice I’m giving here is for information purposes only. It is not intended to replace or substitute medical treatments or prescriptions from your physician or other health care professionals.


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