Reiki is a universal tool for physical healing, but also increases mental and spiritual growth, awareness, insight and wisdom.

It uses palm healing through which “universal energy” (also: ki, chi, prana or soul) is transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient, but can even be given through space and time.

Reiki works with the energetic, physical and emotional aspects of an individual. It addresses general imbalances, emotional blocks, physical pain, increases clarity and deals generally with issues in one’s life.

Reiki is holistic in its approach and works with not only the symptoms an individual experiences but the root cause of the imbalance as well.

We all use Reiki energy instinctively. When a child gets hurt it is soothed by a parent’s caring touch. A kiss to make it better is actually sending Reiki energy to the affected area. By holding an injury we not only protect the wound but also draw Reiki energy to those parts to help them recover.

In 2017 I qualified as Certified Traditional Usui Reiki Practitioner (Level I, II and Master). My Usui Ryoho Reiki Lineage is: M.Usui, C.Hayashi, H.Takata, Phaigh McCumber Schilke Prasuhn Smith Furumoto, W.Rand, E.Gilberg, Tupkal Mayner, P.Shelly, L.Powers.

Since I consider Reiki a gift rather than a skill or service no fixed pricing seems appropriate. You may give what you can or what you feel its worth, although, if you can, I would expect a minimum of £20 to cover my costs.

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