Newsletter September 2020

3 September 2020

Newsletter September 2020
Prepare to be forever changed
Hello all, and WELCOME back, or rather forward, into our new reality.
I sincerely hope that you have been keeping well, sane and healthy during these challenging past few months of global shifting and awakening.

Gladly, after more than 3 months of governmental restrictions on physical therapies (with the exception of Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physiotherapists who were allowed to practice since June), we are again able to receive and give so-called “close proximity treatments” like massage and reflexology with recommended hygiene and distancing measures in place.

I’ve been using this “time-off”, amongst many other things, to finalize my diploma as reflexologist, and can proudly announce that I now offer reflexology treatments on their own or in combination with massage therapy.

A full reflexology treatment of mine lasts about 45 minutes at a cost of £40, the wonderful combination of reflexology followed by a massage treatment lasts about 90 minutes at £70. Aiming particularly at easing and dissolving mental issues, I can also offer Reiki treatments both in person and remotely.

I am aware that there is a great need and desire for physical healing and human touch like massage and reflexology, whilst many of us struggle financially. If you feel that you cannot spare the full amount of my fees but want to contribute to your community in other ways I am open to consider treating you at a reduced rate.

I always looked on the healing I give as gifts that were not essential to my life. I feel humility and I feel gratitude. And I feel the happiness and release of tensions just as much when treating you.
“There is only one real deprivation…,and that is not to be able to give one’s gift to those one loves most. The gift turned inward, unable to be given, becomes a heavy burden, even sometimes a kind of poison. It is as though the flow of life were backed up.” (May Sarton)

We need to loose hope – in order to find it somewhere else.”
Whilst few of us had to experience the severity and hardship of the infection itself, I believe that we have all been affected deeply by the rules and restrictions in connection with lock-down, not to mention the media spectacle with regards to Covid-19.
I certainly am no exception and despite still not following the “real” news I’ve been in and out of many rabbit holes along the way, from Dr.Fauci on one side of the spectrum all the way to David Icke on the other. And experiencing my own grief for the world we “lost”, I’ve made the observation that we are entering a time of the paradox. In the “old” world paradox was the domain of comedy or mathematical theory, but certainly not something any of us would have considered as reality. But the world appears not to work in the simple linearity of time and space any longer: truths have become lies, medicines are poisons, beginnings seem link endings. And vice versa. It feels that the more I learn the less I know.

In the process we’ve all become enthusiastic virologists, immunologists and hygienists. Unfortunately much of our focus has shifted away from what I initially perceived as a strong search towards health and lifestyle awareness, at a time when authorities and our highly technological health system had not many answers to offer but washing hands and lying low. Sadly we seem to focus again, as in many other domains, on thoughts and actions that separate us: from others, our natural environment and ultimately from ourselves: masks, isolation, social distancing, the war on the virus or enemy. Instead, what I believe is needed, is to draw our attention onto what connects us to each other and to everything around and inside us, to life itself. Human touch, shared celebrations just as much as healthier lifestyle choices for both body and mind through nutrition, physical exercise and mindfulness, be it meditation, connecting to nature or the arts.

“The truth is right before our eyes, right under our noses, so simple that every child understands it – and yet the further you enter into it, the deeper it is.”

This virus has not been telling us anything that we didn’t know already. We knew with our minds, intellectually, that our medical, our political and our economical systems were detrimental to ourselves and to our planet. But now, as I see it, and for the first time collectively, we are invited, some may say forced, to engage emotionally in this knowledge. For many of us this is a true revelation, the quiet streets, the dark nights, birdsong, the time with our families and children, the absence of so many distractions that were so central in our lives. For many, too, this was and is a very painful experience, financial insecurity, fear for themselves and others, cabin fever, uncertainty for the future and much more. And whilst many of us are ready to embrace what is to come, many are clinging on even harder to “normality” as we knew it. And both of it is part of everyone’s journey, to various degrees.

For complicated minds, drastic measures are needed.

“There is no true responsibility without awareness. One of the weaknesses of the western medical approach is that we have made the physician the only authority, with the patient too often a mere recipient of the treatment or cure. People are deprived of the opportunity to become truly responsible. The more we can learn about ourselves, the less prone we are to become passive victims.”

Viruses seem to be unmasking toxicity in our environment, not causing the disease. As Gabor Mate says, illness itself is an agent of healing on the soul level. Our unconscious wisdom knows when we are ready to have the experience. “Disease.. is not a simple result of some external attack but develops in a vulnerable host in whom the internal environment has become disordered.”

What if, and just allow yourself to dwell in the thought for a minute if you can, Mother Earth has had enough of our fruitless squabbles, our wars and disrespect of our own kind and life on earth, and decided to send us into our rooms to reflect on our actions, and to come back with higher intentions and insights? What if this virus is a gentle push, as hard as it seems for many, to directs our energies towards collaboration and away from competition, towards healing and away from distraction, towards mature self responsibility and away from blame games, judgment and separation?

Are we so afraid of illness, of ageing and dying that we won’t allow ourselves to live our lives fully? Are we about to put Existence before Being, seeking safety at the price of liberty?

Whilst trying to listen to the many questions that I believe are asked of us, without rushing in with answers that habitually come from a past that created these problems, it seems obvious that we are all called for more participation in essential aspects of our lives. Being ultimately self responsible for our own health by choosing more sensibly the foods we eat, physical exercise and activities we engage in, getting enough sleep and being mindful with what we are feeding our emotional bodies, we can regain a medical and emotional intelligence, not just individually but as community at large.
The very fact of observation alters the observer and the observed.

True health does not come in a pill, a capsule or syringe but by celebrating and supporting the inert strength and wisdom of our bodies and nature around us.

Our minds try to predict future events on the basis of past experiences. Mind loves stories. Right now there are very little reference points to our situation. And since it is obvious that the future is always unknown, all we need to and can do is focus on a positive mind flow, a positive future not imagined but felt.

With attention and experience we are the best and only judge for what is needed for our bodies, our minds and the world at large. Listen to what she is telling you. Listen carefully to the whisper, so she does not have to scream.
Give from your heart – not just your hands.

What is more healing than rejoicing in connection, love and understanding, than human fellowship and physical touch? It is fear and disconnection that weakens us and makes us susceptible to illness and oppression!

Finally I’d like to share some recommendations, words and actions that have inspired and supported me in these past months.
I am following Mother Meera, a saint in the hindu tradition, that has been streaming since the end of March every day (!) at 6pm (UK time) an hour of silent meditation, free for anyone to tune in and receive healing.
More “locally”, together with a group of friends and fellow healers, we started a meditation circle, initially at the end of March in Alexandra Park in Bath and then since lockdown “remotely” in spirit. On Monday evenings at 6pm for about 20mins we meet holding each other’s hands and setting our intention on healing and supporting all of life and particularly all those that are struggling or feeling disconnected. Please follow this link to subscribe to our mailing list here. I hope that soon we will be able to sit together in person again.
This essay “The Coronation” by Charles Eisenstein, but also this little video “Petite Corona” were an important insight for me right from the beginning of this remarkable summer.

I am most grateful for being able to connect with you all, both in person and spirit.

Much LOVE and LIGHT – right back at you!

All the best

Jan Erik

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